小川美由紀 (おがわみゆき)


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一般社団法人 九州通訳・翻訳者・ガイド協会 理事および長崎県支部長



氏名 小川美由紀
資格等 全国通訳案内士、長崎県地域限定通訳案内士
NPO法人長崎巡礼センター 認定ガイド
一般社団法人 九州通訳・翻訳者・ガイド協会 理事および長崎県支部長
得意分野 自然・博物 、 伝統文化 、 名所旧跡 、 料理・飲食 、 ショッピング 、 その他 (音楽)
ガイド経験 ・クルーズ船乗客ツアー   
・企業来賓 アテンドおよび観光  
・国際イベント インフォメーションデスク 
・観光庁登録研修機関による通訳案内士研修 ガイド実務講師(2020年長崎会場)
ガイド料金 人数・依頼内容により、案件ごとにご相談に応じます。
対応可能地域 九州、沖縄、中国四国、他全国
対応可能曜日 何曜日でも可
住所 長崎市近郊
メールアドレス ogawa_nagasaki★yahoo.co.jp
お客さまの声 We visited the Christian and historical sites of Nagasaki with Miyuki. She organized the tour according to our interests and schedule. With her explanations, we could learn a lot about the amazing history of Nagasaki. She is very knowledgeable about the city, and made the tour enjoyable and interesting. It was definitely worth taking her tour. I strongly recommend it. Thank you so much, Miyuki!

She is polite, punctual, knowledgeable, flexible considerate, helpful, resourceful, responsive, and organized; all the qualities of a guide that a tourist will ask for. But Miyuki is a natural that what makes our experience so relaxing and enjoyable, she is fluent in English, not to mention that she looked after us so well and was beyond her call of duty to find us Mass service schedule and location, arrange the Goto Island tour for us at her off hours. I have already passed her contact to my friends.
Hong Kong

Ms. Miyuki is kind, outstanding with English language, very pleasant to spend the day with. I could not have had a better guide! She sure knows a lot about the subject matter and is willing to share even some extra information (about other places other than the ones we are visiting).

This was a fantastic tour. If you have watched the movie or read the book "Silence" this is a tour that will bring that story to life. Miyuki is very knowledgeable in regards to the history of the Sotome area and the Hidden Christian church history and practices. She was a great interpreter as some of the museum lacked English "subtitles". This tour was both enjoyable and educational. I give this tour and our guide, Miyuki, the highest recommendation.

It has been a most wonderful and fantastic time touring Kyushu Island with you. Thank you for all of the information you have shared and for taking care of us. I have fallen in love with Japan!

Miyuki was fantastic! She looked after my family so well and fine tuned the itinerary that suit my elderly parents and my young son. ….As a result, our trip was full of special experience and warm hospitality. Nagasaki is a special city which was bombed and yet rebirthed with a great identity. We are touched and want to come back to this peaceful city.
Hong Kong

Miyuki showed us all the highlights of Nagasaki. We enjoyed the day very much. Miyuki was extremely helpful, organised and friendly. We had a great time!

Miyuki gets the Number 1 vote as the best guide ever from all 8 of us !! She was so enthusiastic about her job and country that we all wanted to adopt her!! Her knowledge was so extensive !!! She greeted us with the driver as soon as we were at the meeting place with a big sign and smile as big as she!! I had emailed her that we were "old but funny" so she called us "the funny people" from the United States!!! She made goodbye gifts for all of us that took a lot of time. We will cherish them always.
United States


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