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Welcome to Nagasaki in Japan

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Recommended model sightseeing courses are shown in the Nagasaki Travel Guide page. You’ll find it helpful when deciding where in Nagasaki you should go, or what you missed on past trips.
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A great amount of Western culture came through Dejima, the sole door of Japan to the West. Nagasaki is widely known for the sad history of the Christian faith and its eventual revival in Japan.
Former Dutch Trading Post on DejimaSiebold Memorial MuseumDutch SlopeFormer British Consulate (Yataro Noguchi Art Museum)Former Hong Kong-Shanghai BankOura Catholic ChurchSite of the Martyrdom of 26 Saints of JapanKurosaki ChurchEndo Shusaku Literary Museum
This tour is full of exoticism unique to Nagasaki where Chinese and Western cultures blended.
Sofukuji TempleKofukuji TempleSpectacles BridgeFormer Chinese QuarterShinchi ChinatownWestern-style House at No. 12, HigashiyamateWestern-style House in HigashiyamateConfucian Shrine and Chinese MuseumGlover Garden
A single atomic bomb took many precious lives on August 9, 1945.
This trip will show you the scars left by the atomic bombing, bringing home to you the follies of war and the importance of peace.
Peace ParkAtomic Bomb Hypocenter ParkAtomic Bomb MuseumUrakami CathedralNagai Memorial Museum Nyokodo
Many flower spots that change with the seasons are available for visitors to enjoy while taking delight in the scenery.
This route is recommended for outdoor-oriented tourists as there are many places to enjoy nature while camping.
Sazanka Plateau Picnic ParkTodoroki GorgeShirakimine PlateauReclaimed LandIsahaya ParkOmura ParkKuroki RavineLake NodakeRyutosen
This tour offers you an opportunity to have a first-hand look at the great workings of nature at Mt. Heisei Shinzan that was formed by the volcanic eruptions of the Unzen-Fugen Mountains.
TramcarGamadasu DomeRoad Station “Mizunashi-honjin Fukae”ex-Onokoba ElementaryOnokoba Sabo MuseumMayuyama RoadHeisei-shinzan Nature CenterNita PassClimbing Mt. Fugen
This tour will provide you with an opportunity to see streets peculiar to a castle town and to enjoy the natural surroundings.
Shimabara CastleSite of Samurai QuarterCity of Swimming CarpSite of Hara CastleDolphin WatchingObama OnsenPond of ShirakumoVidro MuseumUnzen Jigoku Tour
Sasebo with an American atmosphereYou can see the beautiful coastlines of the Kujukushima Isles in Saikai National Park and their natural surroundings. You can have a good time at Huis Ten Bosch - , a reproduction of Dutch streets, Saikai Pearl Sea Resort, and other theme parks.
Nanatsugama Limestone CaveSaikai BridgeHuis Ten BoschOsaki Natural ParkHasami Center of Ceramic ArtMegane RockMt.YumihariSaikai Pearl Sea ResortCrusing of Kujukushima IslandsZoological Botanical GardensTenkaiho
This tour will take you to sites of historical interest that retain the exotic atmosphere of erstwhile European culture and the feel of the castle town in a bygone era. You can see the beautiful landscape of Saikai National Park.
Mt. Nagushi Azalea ParkTabira Insect ParkHirado BridgeSaikyoji TempleHirado CastleDutch Bridge (Saiwai Bridge)Matsura Historic MuseumHirado Tourist MuseumDutch MoatFrancisco Xavier Memorial ChurchTei Seikou ShrineHimosashi ChurchChristianity MuseumIkitsuki BridgeIkitsuki Museum (Shima-no Yakata)Ikitsuki Kannon
This tour will take you to picturesque churches, built of bricks, wood, or stones. You can also see beautiful seas and nature.
Banyan treeTakaitabi Sea Bathing ResortTakaitabi ChurchFukumi ChurchWakamatsu BridgeObira ChurchTumuli at Magari RuinsOso ChurchMaruo ChurchAosagaura ChurchEbukuro ChurchHamagurihama Sea Bathing ResortKaido ShrineKashiragashima Church
This route will take you to sites of historical interest including churches reminiscent of a castle town in a bygone era.
In this area well blessed with nature, you can enjoy marine sports on the cobalt blue sea.
Site of Samurai QuarterGoto’s MansionSite of Ishida CastleDozaki ChurchMizunoura ChurchKusuhara ChurchKentoshi MuseumTakahama Sea Bathing ResortOsezaki PrecipiceImochiura Church /Rurudo CaveAbunze Lava SeashoreMt. Onidake
Iki played an important role as an ancient base for communication with the Asian Continent. The island, 40 km round, is home to many relics dating back to the Yayoi and the Kofun periods. You can enjoy history and nature at its best
Tsutsukihama Sea Bathing ResortHarunotsuji RemainsHarunotsuji MuseumHorahoge JizoSakyobana PointOntake ShrineDolphin ParkJagataniFudoki-no OkaEast Asia’s Largest Battery SiteSaruiwaOni-no AshiatoYunomoto Onsen
Located at the northernmost tip of Kyushu, Tsushima is a border island which is only 50 km away from our closest neighbour, Korea. It played an important role as an ancient relay point in exchanges with the Asian Continent. Tsushima has a rich historical heritage.
Banshoin TempleSite of Kaneishi CastleSite of Samurai QuarterSite of Ofunae MooringsAyumodoshi Natural ParkTsutsuzaki PointIshiyaneManzeki BridgeWadazumi Shrine

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