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Welcome to Nagasaki in Japan

Festivals & Events

Nagasaki Kunchi Festival   Nagasaki Lantern Festival

People in Nagasaki are much fond of festivals. Many festivals are lively events because the local community is actively involved. Festivals in Nagasaki, therefore, bear that unique fingerprint of energy and spirit.
“Nagasaki Kunchi” is a festival with a rich international flavor which shows the unique blend of cultures between Japan and overseas countries, especially China. Festival music called “Shagiri” is played on traditional Chinese musical instruments while the Chinese dragon dance also features prominently. “Nagasaki Lantern Festival” celebrates the Chinese New Year or “Shunsetsusai (Lunar New Year Festival)”. The streets of downtown Nagasaki around the China Town area, which is the center of the celebrations, are illuminated by 12,000 lanterns at night.
Other festivals that exude a rich international flavor include "Tsushima Arirang Festival" which evokes the procession of envoys from the ancient Korean Lee Dynasty. Konaki-zumou (Sumo ceremony for newborn babies) is held in Hirado as a tourist attraction.

Tsushima Arirang Festival   Konaki-zumou Festival
(Ceremony for newborn babies)
  Kuromaru Dancing

Calendar of Festivals & Events
January 16th Hetomato Goto City
2nd Sun Marathon Competition in Iki Island Iki City
February Chinese Lunar New Year Nagasaki Lantern Festival Nagasaki City
Early-Feb. Konaki-zumo Hirado City
March 1st ~ Late-Apr. Huis Ten Bosch Tulip Festival Sasebo City
Late-Mar. Seeing a Current at Saikaibashi Bridge Sasebo City, Saikai City
April Early-Apr. Obama Hot Spring Festival Unzen City
1st Sat Whole Kyushu Pyrotechnist Competition Unzen City
1st Sun Kite Flying Festival in Spring Nagasaki City
Mid-Apr. Nagushiyama Azalea Festival Shikamachi Town
May 29th Apr. ~ 5th May Hasami Pocelain Festival Hasami Town
June 1st Sun Triathlon in Narao Shin Kami-Goto Town
July 4th Sat • Sun Nagasaki Bayside Festival • Nagasaki Dragonboat Competition Nagasaki City
August 1st ~ 3rd Omura Summer Festival Omura City
1st Sat • Sun Tsushima Korean Festival Tsushima City
9th The Memorial Day of the Atomic Bombing Nagasaki City
15th Shoro Nagashi Nagasaki City
September Mid-Sep. Nagasaki Settlement Festival Nagasaki City
Last Sat Confucian Memorial Festival Nagasaki City
October 7th ~ 9th Nagasaki Kunchi Festival Nagasaki City
Early Oct. Mikawachi Porcelain Festival Sasebo City
November 3rd ~ 5th YOSAKOI Sasebo Festival Sasebo City
19th ~ 25th Dec. Kirakira Festival Sasebo City
December 1st ~ Early Jan. Simabara Fantasia Simabara City
Mid-Dec. ~ Mid-Jan. Nomozaki Narcissus Festival Nagasaki City

All events are subject to change.