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Welcome to Nagasaki in Japan

Hot Springs & Amusements

Unzen Hot Spring Unzen Hot Spring

Nagasaki Prefecture is rich in renowned and secluded hot springs. Hot springs can be found at 30 locations, including ones located in small islands situated off the coast. In the Mount Unzen-Fugen area which became world famous after an eruption in 1991, tourists can enjoy the natural beauty and relax at one of the hot spring resorts found there.As Japanese people have been adopting western lifestyles, the sense of relaxation for Japanese people has been changing too. Sightseeing resorts have been gradually adapting their services to changing lifestyles.
Following such changing trends, increasing numbers of tourist resorts and amusement facilities have been opened in Nagasaki Prefecture. Among these resorts is a theme park known as "Huis Ten Bosch" where the streets of the Netherlands have been recreated and accommodation provided for tourists. The theme park is popular among many Japanese visitors as well as Chinese and Korean tourists.

Huis Ten Bosch